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Here are the latest news stories from Chemistry:

Biological fuel cell research project reaps results

Research conducted by a SUPERGEN Consortium led by the University of Surrey points the way forward for self-powered devices. 

Read more about the Consortium and its achievements on the main Feature page.

And yet there is a certain chemistry between us

Chemistry Professor, Malcolm Heggie, appears in a line-up of six Surrey academics who have volunteered eight minutes of stand-up comedy for the eighth Bright Club to be hosted on Thursday 13 February 2014 at Bar Des Arts in Guildford, Surrey.

Bright Club is a comedy night, set up to help academics engage with new audiences, and covers topics including comedy, science, research and music. Professor Heggie is hoping that his wit can work as well, on the audience, as it does on his equations…

His stand-up is entitled Stand up for Carbon!
A mathematician friend commented, "Eight minutes of stand-up comedy ... have you considered seeking help? If you insist on going through with this, have a fast car on standby outside the stage door! Good luck."

If you attend this night, be on your guard …

Two organic chemistry PhD students win John A Elvidge Prize

Presentations on research that could benefit the pharmaceutical industry have won recognition for two PhD students. 

Read more about the two Chemistry students' achievement on the main Feature page.

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