Dr Julia Percival

Tutor in Chemistry

Qualifications: MChem, PhD

Phone: Work: 01483 68 6831
Room no: 32 AZ 03

Further information


Julia obtained a first in Chemistry with Biochemistry from the University of Surrey, during which she worked at GlaxoSmithKline in Systems Research and in a separate placement, in Inhaled Products Development.  After her degree, Julia obtained a PhD in novel crystalline lithium battery materials under the supervision of Dr. Peter Slater.  This work involved synthesising and characterising new energy materials for battery applications and forms the basis of her materials chemistry based final year research projects.


Cation ordering in Li containing garnets: synthesis and structural characterisation of the tetragonal system, Li7La3Sn2O12,
J. Percival, E. Kendrick, R. I Smith and P. R. Smith
Dalton Transactions, 2009, 5177-5181

Synthesis and conductivities of the garnet-related Li ion conductors, Li5Ln3Sb2O12
(Ln = La, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu),
J. Percival, E. Kendrick and P.R. Slater
Solid State Ionics, Volume 179, Issues 27-32, 30 September 2008, Pages 1666-1669

Synthesis and characterisation of the garnet-related Li ion conductor, Li5Nd3Sb2O12,
J. Percival, E. Kendrick, P.R. Slater
Materials Research Bulletin, Volume 43, Issue 3, 4 March 2008, Pages 765-770

Synthesis and structural characterisation of the Li ion conducting garnet-related
systems, Li6ALa2Nb2O12 (A = Ca, Sr),
J. Percival, D. Apperley, P.R. Slater
Solid State Ionics, Volume 179, Issues 27-32, 30 September 2008, Pages 1693-1696

Identification of the Li sites in the Li ion conductor, Li6SrLa2Nb2O12, through
neutron powder diffraction studies,
J. Percival, P.R. Slater
Solid State Communications, Volume 142, Issue 6, May 2007, Pages 355-357


Level 1 Physical Chemistry (chemistry students) and Physical and Bioinorganic chemistry (biosciences students), physical chemistry practical classes.

Level 2 Scientific Communication
Julia has drawn on her extensive experience as both a student and a personal tutor to develop novel teaching methods aimed at helping students through the traditionally difficult aspects of physical chemistry.  These include the use of concept maps as a teaching aid and interactive workshops to help students practice their knowledge.

Departmental Duties

She carries out all manner of science outreach activities including chemical origami, educational games, exhibitions and talking to school pupils on a wide range of topics.  She runs the Surrey component of the Royal Society of Chemistry Spectroscopy in a Suitcase project, and the Salters’ Festival of Chemistry event.  In conjunction with Dr Dan Driscoll, she is carrying out a project to make mini direct methanol fuel cells available for loan to schools for use in classes, which was funded by the University of Surrey itself.

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