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Here are the latest news stories from Computing:

Dr Mark Manulis commented for BBC News on Heartbleed bug

Dr Mak Manulis, a Senior Lecturer of the Department of Computing working on Applied Cryptography and Network Security, commented for BBC News on the increasing number of digital certificate revocations, one of the many consequences of the recently discovered Heartbleed bug in some versions of OpenSSL, the widely used cryptography library for securing the web. Mark pointed out that certification revocation has been a bottleneck since the invention of SSL which can slow down the web browsing speed when many websites are replacing their potentially compromised digital certificates. The full story can be found at here.

Surrey Computing Students and Staff Celebrated at Higher Degree Ceremony

This year's Higher Degree Ceremony for MSc and PhD graduands of the Department of Computing, University of Surrey was held in the morning, on 11 April 2014 Friday. The Department saw its 4 PhD students and 11 MSc students receiving their degree certificates from the Chancellor of the University of Surrey, His Royal Highness, Duke of Kent. Two of the Department's MSc graduands received prizes as recognition of their good performance in their study: Miss Gabriela Koupepidou received the AWE Prize from Prof John Fernie from AWE, and Ms Asell Sulaiman N Alfraih received the Microsoft Prize from Prof Anthony TS Ho, the Head of the Department. After the ceremony Surrey Computing graduates and staff gathered together for chatting and enjoying the reception.

A reminder about the importance of secure passwords

Surrey’s Alan Woodward suggests spring cleaning your passwords in the wake of the ‘Heartbleed Bug’. 

Read more about Professor Woodward's advice for 'spring cleaning' your passwords on the main Feature page.

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