Congratulations to Ainuddin Wahid Abdul Wahab for successfully passing his MPhil to PhD transfer

Tuesday 17 February 2009

Ainuddin successfully transferred on Thursday 12th February with his work on "Analysis and Development of JPEG Steganography Based Steganalysis". Ainuddin is supervised by Dr Hans Georg Schaathun and Professor Anthony TS Ho, and was examined by Dr Li Chang-Tsun (University of Warwick) and Dr Bogdan Vrusias.


JPEG based steganography is widely used in the transmission of secretive or covert information. Its use is becoming increasingly ubiquitous in the digital world nowadays, since it works on the most popular image format for images on the Internet. Another reason for its popularity may be due to its misuse in cybercrimes. And it is primarily for these reasons that the current study based its objectives upon, hopefully being able to contribute to the overall research area of steganalysis.

This study initially looked at the possible flaws in the current implementation of steganalysis. By using images from different camera types, this study has confirmed the expectation that the steganalysis performance will be significantly affected by the differences of the image sources. In addition, this study also demonstrated that image compression in steganalysis process has an effect on the steganalysis performance. Therefore, this study may be looked at as a review of currently available steganalysis techniques, along with a proposal to overcome the said problem.

Based on a literature review of the current techniques, this study proposes a new technique for steganography that is based on conditional probability statistics. This new technique works on 54 or 27 features extracted from each image for the purpose of classification. By having a significantly better classification accuracy compared to the previous techniques, this new approach may be considered as an achievement in the steganalysis research.

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