Department to host high skill code camp

Thursday 26 April 2012

Rulemotion was spun out of the Department in October 2011. They have recently taken on a major contract with Renew Media, whose digital signage solution was launched in the City of London last January. Renew Media's previous software subcontractor was struggling to meet their requirements.

As a result, Rulemotion's Renew team took over a project in disarray, but has made it into a best-of-breed digital signage solution that is built on open source web technologies; a real innovation in the signage space. Signage until now is 'digital' but static. This team is innovating by creating not just digital but online signage outdoors, bridging the web with the street.

Prof Krause will be hosting the team's four developers in an week long code camp in the Department, while they drive forward their solution under the guidance of Dr Alexandros Marinos, a former PhD student and RA and co-founder of Rulemotion.

The code camp team is over in the UK from their base in Athens. It is made up of:

Dimitrios Michalakos ( Experienced web developer, team leader in Athens, keeps everyone in check and makes sure everything is ticking along. He is responsible for the web application that runs on the screens as well as some of the content routing infrastructure.

Petros Aggelatos ( Boy-wonder, is responsible for the content management system and the monitoring infrastructure. Undergraduate in the top CS programme in Greece (NTUA). Has given lectures at his university on Web Development and WebGL graphics. He does everything from low-level linux server hacking, to mobile apps, and anything in between.

Dimitris and Petros will soon begin work on enabling third-party developers to deploy apps on the Renew platform by leveraging the architecture of the web.

Yiannis Klonos ( Is responsible for html-ising the content that gets onto the Renew screens, as well as testing the hardware. Has MSc in EE from Newcastle where he won the IEEE Communications Society UK & RI Chapter 2009/10 Best MSc Project Prize.

Spyros Markopoulos ( Newest guy on the team, is taking over the CMS duties from Petros. During his studies and in his previous job he was working on low-level programming with VHDL (i.e. programming integrated circuits and FPGAs).

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