Applications for the academic year 2014-15 are now open!

Please Note: We are now only recruiting for Manor Park Team Leader positions and Manor Park and Campus Mentor positions.


Please make sure you read the Job Purpose and Recruitment information carefully before completing your application.

Thinking of applying? Here's what one of our current mentors Annie has to say:

I have found huge gratification in being able to put preventative methods in place to ensure conflicts don’t arise within houses, for example running exciting socials that students can attend to bond with housemates and other students in their accommodation. Every mentor works as part of a team, which means you are constantly supported by a lovely bunch of people. In terms of a job, this is a great source of employment if you are a student as the timings are flexible, also, this is great experience to put on your CV to show potential employers you have excellent interpersonal and problem solving skills!

Job Purpose and Recruitment Information

Job Purpose Mentor 2014 (295.87KB - Requires Adobe Reader) Job Purpose Team Leader 2014 (300.47KB - Requires Adobe Reader) Recruitment Information 2014 (158.13KB - Requires Adobe Reader)


Application Form

Application Form Mentor 2014 (88.5KB) Application Form Team Leader 2014 (88.0KB)

Please note that if you do decide to apply for a Team Leader position and aren’t successful, then your application will still be considered for a mentor position. Therefore you do not need to complete both application forms if applying for the Team Leader role.

Please also note that if your application is unsuccessful you cannot reapply to Student Life Mentoring until after October 2014, if and when vacancies arise. Therefore we advise you put your all into any applications.

Student Life Mentoring Policies

Confidentiality, Data Protection, Opt Out and Withdrawal Of Service Policy 2014-15 (167.23KB - Requires Adobe Reader) Social Activities Policy 2014-15 (93.83KB - Requires Adobe Reader)