Tax (Income Tax and Council Tax)

Student Money Team advisors can provide information, advice and guidance on tax (income tax and council tax) and national insurance for students. 

Information on Council Tax

The amount payable depends on the value of the property, how many people live there and who the people are.

For University owned accommodation

Please see:


For Non-University owned (private sector) accommodation

If you live off campus in non-University accommodation (e.g. shared house with private landlord) you are responsible for supplying the local council with the information they require to establish if you need to pay council tax or are exempt. 

From Sept 2014 Surrey University will share certain information with Guildford County Council for students resident in GU1, GU2, GU3, GU4, GU5, GU7, GU8, GU12, GU16, GU10, GU23, GU24, KT23 and KT24 address postcodes under a data sharing agreement to allow the council to automatically verify student status and establish that your application for council tax exemption is valid. This means that if you live in these postcodes you will NOT need to request a council tax exemption letter from the University (as proof of your student status) but will still need to apply for exemption if you are eligible.

If you live outside of these postcode address areas (Non-Guildford County Council area) you WILL need to request a council tax exemption letter and make an application for exemption if you are eligible for it. You can get a proof of student status letter by visiting the Student Services Centre or produce an e-copy through self service online.


Tax related questions our Student Money Team can help you answer:

-Do I have to pay council tax?
-How much can I earn from employment before I'm taxed?
-Is my employer taxing me at the correct rate? (If your tax code is "BR" you may be paying too much tax.)
-What if I've overpaid tax - can I get a refund and if so how?
-What is NI, should I be paying it?
-Should the interest I get on my savings be taxed?

Further Information

Her Majesty's Customs and Revenue website has a section dedicated to students, with online calculators and a tax checker. We can help guide you to understand and work through information to resolve matters. 

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