Digital World and Technology Funding


Social Networking and Mobile Computing

£300,000 Available for Research Projects in Social Networking and Mobile Computing
Eduserv to Fund Projects at UK Colleges and Universities into How Emerging Technologies Can Benefit Learning and Research

Initial proposals should be submitted by 5pm on Friday 14th March 2008. Successful applicants will then be asked to make a formal application. Eduserv will consider applications in three areas:
Online identity – i.e. a persona that an individual establishes in an online community
The open social graph – i.e. a machine-readable description of the online identities in one or more online communities and the relationships between those online identities
Always-on Internet access and mobile computing – i.e. the result of the growing availability and use of personal mobile computing devices such as laptops, PDAs, hand-held devices and mobile phones, etc, coupled with an increasingly pervasive wireless network access.




NESTA’s Policy and Research Unit (NPRU) conducts and commissions research into the innovation policy the UK needs to meet the national challenges of the 21st century. They seek to make a unique contribution to the debate based on NESTA's position as a national organisation that connects our investment fund, innovation initiatives and the policy and research communities.

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