Research Projects

Research in FAHS is funded by a large number of external bodies including the UK Research Councils, the EU, governmental organisations, the NHS and major charities such as the Leverhulme Trust and the Nuffield Foundation.


ESRC Seminar Series - Challenges to Work-life Balance in the Recession
Roberta Guerrina, Almuth McDowall



Future Spatial Audio for an Immersive Listener Experience at Home
Adrian Hilton (and other colleagues from CVSSP), Tim Brookes, Russell Mason

Commercial applications of augmented print and packaging
David Frohlich, Radu A. Sporea, Janco Calic, Peter Lancaster

RE- DrAW - REsearch & Development for the Digital Arts in Wales
David Frohlich (with the Universities of South Wales and Aberystwyth)

Light Tags
David Frohlich, Radu Sporea, Claypole and Simon Hamblyn (Swansea University).

Storytelling for Development
David Frohlich, Jocelyn Spence, Tom Barrett, Trisha Boland, John Letherland, and Marialena Nikolopoulou

COST Network FP1104
David Frohlich

Digital Creative Economy events
David Frohlich

Aardman Animation
Bella Hones-Roe



AVIDICUS 3 Assessment of Video-Mediated Interpreting in the Criminal Justice System - Assessing the Implementation
PI Sabine Braun, CI Elena Davitti, Research Fellow: Sara Dicerto

Understanding Justice
Sabine Braun

Integrating Multimodality in the Study of Dialogue Interpreting
Elena Davitti and Sabine Braun

Connecting states of desire: Sustaining LGBTQ lives in refugee youth
Churnjeet Mahn

Consuming Authenticities: Time, Place and the Past in the Construction of "Authentic" Foods and Drinks
Deborah Toner, Anna Charalambidou, Emma-Jayne Abbots, Ana Margarida Dias Martins

New Speakers in a Multilingual Europe: Opportunities and Challenges
Bernadette O'Rourke CIs: Joan Pulojar, Rosina Marquez, Luisa Martin, Alexandre Duchene,

TRANS: Transnationalism, Translation and Travel in Literary and Cultural Studies
Sandra Vasconcelos, University of São Paulo, Justin Edwards, M. Rogers, A. Claudia Suriani da Silva

Women’s Literary Culture and the Medieval English Canon
Diane Watt



Morphological Complexity in Nuer
Matthew Baerman, Oliver Bond, Bert Remijsen (University of Edinburgh)
Researcher: Irina Monich, PhD student: Tatiana Reid

From competing theories to fieldwork: the challenge of an extreme agreement system
Greville G. Corbett, Bob Borsley (Essex), Dunstan Brown (York), Maria Polinsky (Harvard), Louisa Sadler (Essex). Researchers: Marina Chumakina (Surrey), Oliver Bond (Surrey).

Combining gender and classifiers in natural language
Greville G. Corbett, Matthew Baerman and Dunstan Brown (York)
Researcher: Sebastian Fedden

Verb classification in Gújjolaay Eegimaa (Atlantic; Niger-Congo)
Research Fellow: Serge Sagna (ESRC Future Research Leaders Fellowship)
Mentors: Greville G. Corbett, Matthew Baerman, Oliver Bond, Dunstan Brown

Optional Ergative Case Marking: What can be expressed by its absence?
Oliver Bond

Dynamics of Language
Nicholas Evans (ANU) and collaborators, Greville G. Corbett (Surrey contact)



A History of the Treatment and Care of Intersex Conditions in the UK
Peter Hegarty, Researcher: David A. Griffiths

The Delivery of Getting into Sport in Surrey Project
Chris Fife-Schaw, Simon de Lusignan

The impact of an investment based intervention on weight-loss & beliefs about food in patients post bariatric surgery
Jane Ogden, Chris Fife-Schaw, Amelia Hollywood

The Preferences of those with Food Allergies and/or Intolerances when Eating out
Anita Eves, Bernadette Egan, Monique Raats

RICHFIELDS: Research Infrastructure on Consumer Health and Food Intake using E-science with Linked Data Sharing
Monique Raats, Lada Timotijevic, Kerry Brown, Bernadette Egan, Indira Carr (Law).

FLICC (Front of pack food Labelling: Impact on Consumer Choice)
Monique Raats, Richard Shepherd, Lada Timotijevic, Charo Hodgkins, Naomi Winstone and Israel Berger

CLYMBOL (Role of health related symbols and claims in consumer behaviour)
Monique Raats, Rob Nash, Adrian Banks, Chris Fife-Schaw, Lada Timotijevic, Ellen Seiss
Bernadette Egan, Charo Hodgkins and Kerry Brown

REDICLAIM Understanding the impact of legislation on reduction of disease risk claims on food and drinks
Monique Raats , Charo Hodgkins, Amanda Cleary, Bernadette Egan, Heather Gage, Dan Jackson, Anastazia Karatzia, Rosalind Malcolm, Lada Timotijevic

The impact of cooking and related food skills on healthiness of diets
Monique Raats

Quantitative and qualitative target audience research
Monique Raats, IPSOS MORA,

Designing Law for Nutrition-Related Health
Monique Raats

Integrated medicine for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalomyeltis (CFS/ME)
Bernadette Egan & Monique Raats

A Receiver Psychology approach to nurturing students' active engagement
Naomi Winstone, Robert Nash

Paul Sowden, Alexandra Clifford

Evaluating the benefits of community based aerobic training on the physical health and well-being of people with neuromuscular diseases: a pilot study
Annette Sterr

Children's Reasoning about Peer Rejection based on Status
Harriet Tenenbaum

PD Manager- Health application for Parkinson's disease management
Lada Timotijevic, Ellen Seiss, Adrian Banks, Patrice Rusconi, Tom Ormerod, Heather Gage

EuroDISH (Study on the need for food and health research infrastructures in Europe)
Lada Timotijevic, Monique Raats, Bernadette Egan, Charo Hodgkins and Kerry Brown

Moments of danger, moments of opportunity: the role of individuals as change agents in organisations. A qualitative and quantitative study of national and international unions.
David Uzzell



Common Security and Defence Policy Strategy
Laura Chappell

Intersections of Ageing, Gender, Sexualities (i-ages)
Andrew King

ESRC Seminar Series: Explaining the Intervention Matrix: Theory and Practice from Northern and Southern Perspectives
Michael Aaronson, Ipshita Basu, Roberta Guerrina

Collective Reasoning as a Moral Point of View
Corinna Elsenbroich, Nigel Gilbert, Rainer Hegselmann

Thinking the 'yet to be thought': an international cross-sector seminar series exploring socially just education and inequalities in education
Max Hope, Rachel Brooks

Exploring the spatial dynamics of crime and perceptions of crime
Ian Brunton-Smith

Out of sight out of mind: The problem of invisibility for environmental policy
Tom Roberts

Truly Engaging Citizens with the Parliamentary Process? An Evaluation of Public Reading Stage in the House of Commons
Louise Thompson (Surrey) and Cristina Leston-Bandeira (Hull)

Faith in Policing: The Co-Production of Crime Control
Karen Bullock (Surrey), Paul Johnson (York)

The Impact of Injuries Study
Sarah Earthy*, Judith Sleney   

Getting back to normal? Patients' experiences and expectations following major illness or injury
Hilary Thomas, Sarah Earthy

What Works Centre in Crime Prevention
Nigel Fielding, Karen Bullock, Jane Fielding

Evolution and resilience of industrial ecosystems (ERIE)
Nigel Gilbert, Rebecca Hoyle (Mathematics), Anne Skeldon (Mathematics), Paul Krause (Computing), Sotiris Moschoyiannis (Computing), David Lloyd (Mathematics),Angela Druckman (CES)

GLODERS The Global Dynamics of Extortion Racket Systems
Nigel Gilbert. Karen Bullock, Nigel Fielding, Corinne Elsenbroich, Lu Yang

Complexity of social construction: bridging contemporary meta-theories in social sciences.
Nigel Gilbert, Ozge Dilaver Kalkan

Whole Systems Energy Modelling Consortium (WHOLE-SEM)
Nigel Gilbert

Agent-based and DSGE macroeconomic models: A comparative study
Paul Levine, Nigel Gilbert, Tom Holden

P2PVALUE Techno-social platform for sustainable models and value generation in Commons-based Peer Production in the Future Internet
Nigel Gilbert

Subcultures Network: The Interdisciplinary Network for the Study of Subcultures, Popular Music & Social Change
Paul Hodkinson

Parenting Young Offenders: Shaping and Re-Shaping Social Networks following Custody
Daniel McCarthy

Using longitudinal dyadic data analysis techniques to explore gender identity and sleep within couples
Robert Meadows

Sleep during recovery from drug and alcohol dependence: A sociological study of embodied change
Robert Meadows

Transnational political space in London and LA
Victoria Redclift

Further Information

Details on each Research Project can be found here:

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