Polonium-210 and its relevance to Physics: 21st January 2009

Thursday 1 January 2009

Polonium-210 and its relevance to Physics: 21st January 2009

Professor Paddy Regan

Surrey's own Dr Patrick Regan presents a public evening lecture on the isotope Polonium-210, made infamous recently in its use as a poison. In this lively and engaging talk, Dr Regan discusses the significance of Polonium-210 in the world of nuclear physics.

In late 2006 the world became acutely aware of the mysterious substance polonium-210 in the notorious fatal poisoning of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko – but what is polonium-210, how is it made, and what does it do? Dr. Patrick Regan, reader in nuclear physics at the University of Surrey will reveal that in addition to the more macabre uses, this isotope is of major fundamental significance, not least in explaining why there is a limit to the stable elements which occur in nature. He will also discuss how one might detect this substance to avoid smuggling such material in the future. The talk takes place at 7pm on 21st Jan 2009 in Lecture Theatre F at the University of Surrey. Attendance is free and no advanced booking is required.

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